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Raspberry Tiramisu

      First time I tried Tiramisu I was hooked…….The name says it all: “pick me up”   Tiramisu when made properly is like a little taste of heaven…… Being married to an Italian I tasted my share of out-of-this-world TIRAMISU.   I am at the point that I can’t order Tiramisu in a […]


Pineapple Carrot Loaf

  What a morning……my darling son woke up this morning with fever and swollen eye….after taking one look at him I knew that trip to ER that morning was a guarantee….the result…..large pills to bring the infection and swelling down.   One little problem….DS doesn’t do well with large pills and these particular pills must […]


Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding (Žemlovka)

          My grandma was a wonderful cook……my best childhood memories are from Grandma’s kitchen and family dinners at her house…. growing up I used love to come over for dinner every Friday night.   Friday was a Meatless Day at grandma’s house and that meant something delicious and maybe sweet would […]


10 Useful Cooking Tips

    10 Useful Cooking Tips   To Squeeze Every Bit of Juice From Your Lemon put it in to the microwave for 20 seconds to soften the flesh.     To Have Perfect Sauteed Mushrooms make sure your pan is large enough so the mushroom slices don’t touch. Perfect mushrooms should be crispy on […]


Orange Pumpkin Loaf With Chocolate Chips

    Recently I discovered love for……. Pumpkin Puree.Growing up in Europe I never had experience with pumpkin desserts….therefore I never baked anything with pumpkin…..for the longest time my pumpkin pie was bought at Costco….yes, that’s true (it’s so freaking good I still buy it there, shhh…..don’t tell)   My first experience with pumpkin puree […]


Pumpkin & Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin & Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies    Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere….. Thanksgiving is over (Canadian) and I ended up with a lots of PUMPKINS….. Being the frugal wannabe I am these days I decided to make some healthy cookies using  pumpkin puree. ….I am always looking for healthy alternative, but since they are COOKIES…..they can’t be […]


Orange and Chocolate Mousse

  This is a very easy recipe for a great tasting dessert.   The other day I was surprising my friend with a Halloween Birthday Cake….the cake was filled with ORANGE and CHOCOLATE Mousse filling…   Since I made little bit too much Orange mousse as well as chocolate MOUSSE I decide to turn it […]


Top 20 Worst Kids Foods in America

    This morning an article on caught my eyes.   It was called The 20 Worst Kids Foods In America.   I was shocked by the nutritional values of some kids meals …. There should be a law against this. These poor kids have no way of knowing what they are putting into […]

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