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Sundried Tomato & Hazelnuts Four Cheese Penne

Four Cheese Penne With Sundried Tomato & Hazelnuts   It’s few days after Christmas and the whole family is tired of turkey and turkey leftovers….everyone is craving nice pasta dinner. Few years ago my hubby and I visited a restaurant in Seattle I don’t remember the name anymore…..the restaurant wasn’t one of the fanciest places,but……… […]


Happy Holidays

I want to wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of my friends and visitors. I decided to take few days off from blogging as I feel my family needs and deserves my undivided attention these couple of days. Don’t worry I will be back December 27th….. I hope these holidays will find you and your family […]


Cherry Cranberry Shortbread Bars

    I am not a big fan of Shortbread, but my family loves it so every holiday to please the crowd I make something with shortbread in it. I try to combine it with tasty filling or icing because if you ask me…… plain…..old shortbread is just boring. This year I decided to make […]


Puff Cookie Sandwiches

    Yesterday I decided to make PUFF COOKIE SANDWICHES …… one of my favorite cookies …… as a part of my Christmas Baking Extravaganza.   PUFF COOKIE SANDWICHES  are very light and fluffy cookies that my Slovak grandma used to bake always around Christmas time.   I used to love the way the cookies  […]


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies

    Yesterday I started my annual Christmas Baking Extravaganza… I will be baking every day for the next 2 weeks and at the end of this baking madness there will be 15 or more kinds of assorted cookies…bars….brownies and pastries to share with my family and friends.   Every year I bake my family […]


Chicken and Peas Risotto

    Risotto is on top of the list when it comes to my favorite comfort dishes…..I have been enjoying eating and experimenting with different flavors and variations of RISOTTO from the first day I tried this heavenly concoction.     It is hearty…..tasty and easy to make. You can add just about anything to […]


Rum & Raisin Walnut Crepes (Orechové Palacinky)

  Oh, crepes……delicious crepes…….Sweet or savory……. I will never say no to a good CREPE.   ….and I mean…..Good crepe….almost paper thin…..soft and fresh from a griddle.   My children share the same love of crepes as I do….. over the years I made hundreds crepes many different ways, but the number one choice in […]

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