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Chunky Monkey Pancakes

    Sunday breakfast is usually my honey’s job when he’s home…..   …..Today I decided to surprise him and my boys with yummy…..calorie loaded…..   … oh so SWEET and delicious Chunky Monkey Pancakes.   I figured we can go for walk later and burn out those calories together as a family.   I […]


Grilled Chicken with Greek Style Cream Sauce

      Last night was a hockey practice night and I didn’t have much time to make dinner. I wanted to make something quick , but delicious.   My husband just came home after being away for 10 days and he really needed good home cooked meal. Since I had some chicken breast in […]


Sweet Noodles With Cottage Cheese

    Growing up all my friends moms cooked and baked for her family…..all except my mom.   I don’t know why my mom didn’t cook….Grandma was an excellent cook and so was my mom’s sister.   Perhaps because my mom was always different……She could never fit into any “box”.   As long as I […]


Roasted Pork & Potatoes Dish

In my family Pork & Potatoes always makes for a good dinner….. No matter how I make it my boys are pork and potato lovers.   Hubby being Italian prefers pasta…..then rice and……yes, then potatoes.   Since he’s been on the road we’ve been eating potatoes a lot……since I love potatoes as much as much […]


Low Sugar Chocolate & Cream Cheese Cupcakes

    The other day my boys and I felt like we need something….something….We decided to make some CHOCOLATE cupcakes.   My older son is Type 1 diabetic so I try to make my baking low sugar and diabetic friendly whenever I can.   Since we were making his favorite CUPCAKES I decided to go […]


Turkey Dogs and Salsa Pasta Bake

Thursday night my sister was working late and I ended up having my nephews over for dinner… much as I love themĀ  they are not as easy going in the food department as my two boys.   My sister is a single mom with full time job and she’s not very good cook to begin […]


Stove Top Stuffed Pork Loin

    Last weekend I spent 3 days in the hockey arena living on concession food and the occasional drive-thru. By the time Monday came my whole family was missing some good home-cooked dinner.   Since Monday was a crazy day and I had so much stuff to catch up on and the lack of […]


Crispy Caesar Chicken

Lately my boys have been asking for chicken almost every night…… The oldest loves fried chicken so I was trying to figure out a way to satisfy his FRIED CHICKEN cravings without the extra calories and fat.   Fried Chicken without frying it…..and making sure it tastes the same or better…..   …..CRISPY CAESAR CHICKEN…..perfect…..crunch […]


Apple Cinnamon Loaf

Last week my husband showed up home with a big bushel of beautiful apples.   We’ve been eating them all week long as fast as we could…..almost getting tired of APPLES…..I looked into the box this morning……still over half a box of them apples left.   I had to do something with the apples before […]


Easy Slow Cooker Chili

        Crazy….crazy week in my house…..perfect time to pull out & dust off my SLOW COOKER to make a big pot of CHILI……dish that will cover me for next few nights….especially since CHILI tastes better the second day.   Easy SLOW COOKER CHILI recipe You can prep it in the evening……. leave […]

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