Kitchen Tips That Every Foodie Should Know

There are so many tricks and tips we can use to make our meals tastier and food preparation faster and cleaner.
I want to share with you 5 tips that help me in my kitchen every day. These are kitchen and food prep tips that every foodie should know.

#1 Make Perfect Pancakes Without The Mess – use simple turkey baster filled with pancake batter instead of spoon or ladle.You will avoid the mess and you will get perfect round pancakes every time as well. 

#2 Perfect Bacon for BLT Sandwiches Every time – next time when you are frying bacon for sandwiches make holes in the bacon strips with a skewer. This little trick will stop your bacon from curling and you will have perfect and crisp bacon every time.

#3 No more Brownies Sticking to your Pan – just line your brownie pan with greased aluminum foil that hangs over the edges. After the brownies are done, cool them on wire rack and then just lift them up in one batch.

#4 Perfect Fresh Basil Chiffonade in Seconds – every time recipe calls for thin strips of fresh Basil or you want to surprise your family with fancy dish copy the professionals. Stack 8 basil leaves on top of each other. Roll them into little cigars and slice crosswise.

#5 No More Dry Burgers – making juicy burgers from lean meat is difficult for many people. By the time the burger is done the middle is all dried up. Next time when you are grilling burgers using lean meat just place an ice cube in the middle of your fresh patty. The ice will melt while the burgers are cooking and it will keep the middle nice and juicy.

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6 Responses to “Kitchen Tips That Every Foodie Should Know”

  1. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love cooking tips! I am going to try the ice cube in the hamburger trick this weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing.Great tips

  4. Great tips! Sometimes I even forget them! Thanks for the reminder! Your the bomb!

  5. Mama Bird says:

    Never thought about poking holes! Good idea. I put my bacon in the oven on a broiler pan- stays kinda flat. I will give it a try!! Love the turkey baster pancake idea too!!Great tips!

  6. Rick says:

    Huh, the burger one is my favorite. Never heard it before. I am trying it this summer.

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