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Spinach & Mushrooms Penne Marinara

Spinach & Mushrooms Penne Marinara   Lately I’ve been cooking lot of PASTA…… June is usually very busy month with school winding down…..field trips, recognition assemblies, wind up parties, last baseball games, swimming lessons. The list goes on and on.   Couple times a year I make a big pot of Marinara sauce and I […]


Steak and Avocado Wrap

      Got some leftover meat & veggies  from your weekend BBQ?…..What’s easier then roll  them up in soft tortilla shells and call it a wrap…..instant meal….   Who came up with wraps was a genius in my book. They are easy…..delicious and quick……You can wrap just about anything.   My kids love wraps. […]


Southwestern Eggs Benedict

Southwestern Eggs Benedict   As I mentioned in my previous post my husband spend the whole weekend home with us.   Since he’s on the road most of the time he craves my home cooked meals.   I decided to turn into Suzy Homemaker and cook the whole weekend…..the whole meal deal….breakfast…..lunch….dinner and of course […]


Mediterranean Steak with Mushroom Barley

Last weekend my traveling husband happened to be home so we decided to have some family day and of course BBQ for dinner. Since we don’t get to spend much time with my husband and he gets only one maybe two weekends at home each month I decided to forgo the usual hamburger and smokies […]

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