Grandma’s Cherry Cake

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Grandma’s Cherry Cake

…….No, I am not sick and tired of cherries yet……

Cherry pickers have been working on picking CHERRIES for last 4 days and I have a feeling with the weather being so hot lately all the cherries in our backyard will be done within a week.

…..Before they are gone completely there is still few recipes I can share with you…..

Growing up in Slovakia my grandma used to have this huge cherry tree. Every year during the cherry season she made delicious and moist cherry cake.

…..It was very simple and easy to make.

Of course…….being me had to put my own little gourmet twist on grandma’s CHERRY CAKE recipe.



  • 6 Large Eggs
  • 300g Icing Sugar
  • 200ml Water
  • 200ml Oil (any vegetable oil is fine)
  • 250g All Purpose Flour
  • 1Tbsp Baking Powder
  • 3 cups Fresh Pitted Cherries

STEP 1: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line 15”x10” baking pan with wax paper.

STEP 2: Beat 6 egg yolks with the icing sugar till nice and fluffy. Stir water and oil into the mixture.

STEP 3: Slowly mix in flour and baking powder.

STEP 4: Beat egg whites till stiff and fold into the mixture. Pour the mixture into the paper lined pan.

STEP 5: Coat cherries with flour and spread them evenly over the top.

STEP 6: Bake for 30-40 minutes or until the top of the cake is nice and golden brown. Let it cool for a few minutes then dust with icing sugar.

Serve it as a coffee cake or special dessert with cool whip or vanilla ice cream.

TIP: Sometimes I soak the cherries overnight in Kirschwasser (cherry liqueur).

Grandma’s Cherry Cake

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3 Responses to “Grandma’s Cherry Cake”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I love cherries. My grandmother had a cherry tree too. She made the best cherry pies.

  2. LambAround says:

    Ooh, this was already looking good, then you mentioned the cherry liquor! YUM! :)Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Cornbread Muffins…with Hotdogs and Spinach!

  3. Great looking recipe! Glad to find your blog. I'm very frugal with our grocceries and trying to make inexpensive but tasty meals. I'm a new follower~!

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