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Steamed Sweet Dumplings – Buchty Na Pare

Steamed Sweet Dumplings – Buchty Na Pare     Growing up in Slovakia I used to love going over my grandma’s house. Especially on Fridays. Every Friday was meatless day at my grandma’s house. Every Friday we got to enjoy sweet and delicious meals like crepes, sweet cottage cheese noodles, plum or apricot dumpling and […]


Asparagus Risotto

    I love food….I love cooking….I love eating….but I guess you already know that since I do write a FOOD blog.   Food and cooking always played a big role in my life I exercise so I can eat .   I grew up around cooking and I started dabbling in the art of […]


Meatloaf & Mushroom Wraps

Meatloaf & Mushroom Wraps I know, I know…’s been too much meatloaf talk lately. The thing is when I make MEATLOAF  I make couple different kinds and enough for few meals. What can I say, my boys love their mine meatloaf. Couple weeks ago I made my Sunshine Meatloaf and Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. I froze […]


Savory French Toast

Savory French Toast     Once in awhile I absolutely LOVE breakfast for dinner. Luckily my children are a lot like me so serving breakfast for dinner it’s a welcomed change.   The other night I was contemplating on having French Toast for dinner, but I wasn’t really excited about having sugar and syrup.   […]


Cherry Rice Pudding with Cherry Sauce – Ryžový Nákyp

Cherry Rice Pudding with Cherry Sauce -  Ryžový Nákyp     Cherry Rice Pudding or in my native Slovakia known as Ryžový Nákyp is one of those dishes from childhood that brings lots of memories.   The main meal of the day in Slovakia was always lunch. Once a week usually Friday we had meatless […]


Cauliflower Cakes with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Cauliflower Cakes     It must be the cold outside , but lately I’ve been craving comfort food almost everyday. Not just any comfort food. Meatless comfort food with lots of vegetables and cheese. My kids on the other hand are craving meat, meat and more meat. To satisfy their cravings and keeping few nights […]


Enhance Your Food With Tabasco Original Red

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine. Hey, football fans…..are you ready for SUPER BOWL?My testosterone household is ready. The menu is planned, the food is purchased and the pantry is stocked with TABASCO® Original Red  .Why Tabasco Original Red Sauce?Because the men in my house put it […]


Orange Mousse Filled Puff Pastry

Orange Mousse Puff Pastry   I love using puff pastry dough in my baking and in my cooking.   I have to admit I do not make my own puff pastry. With products like Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets there is not need for me to get frustrated trying to create the perfect puff pastry. […]


Sunshine Meatloaf

Sunshine Meatloaf Meatloaf….you either love it or hate it, right? Meatloaf is a staple meal in many households across North America for many reason. It is a comfort meal….budget meals….quick meal….family tradition meal……and the list goes on. Every family has their own meatloaf recipe and their own way to serve it. I myself have a […]

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