Savory French Toast

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Savory French Toast



Once in awhile I absolutely LOVE breakfast for dinner. Luckily my children are a lot like me so serving breakfast for dinner it’s a welcomed change.

The other night I was contemplating on having French Toast for dinner, but I wasn’t really excited about having sugar and syrup.

Then I remember my dad making this awesome quick meal for us when we were little.

He used to dip bread in eggs. Fry it and served it with Slovak mustard and raw sweet onions. It might not sound very appetizing to you, but it was so DELICIOUS. I can still taste it.

Growing up in Slovakia we didn’t know Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles or boxed Cereal. We had crepes, but never for breakfast.

The only sweet thing that came with breakfast was jam, juice or fruit….and of course we had NUTELLA.

Anyway, back to my Savory French Toast.

I decided to recreate my dad’s version of savory French Toast (he didn’t even know he was making French toast) and add few more variations to it.





I made three different kinds of Savory French Toast.


  •  5 Sliced Texas Toast
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1/4 cup Milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil or Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard (I use special Slovak mustard I buy @ German deli)
  • Sweet Onion (sliced int thin rounds)
  • Tomato (sliced)
  • Parsley (chopped)
  • Red Radishes (sliced)
  • 2 Pcs. Laughing Cow Cheese

STEP 1: In a bowl beat together eggs and milk.

STEP 2: In a skillet or frying pan heat oil or butter on medium high.

STEP 3: Dip Texas toast in egg mixture and place into skillet.

STEP 4: Fry on both side till the French toast is done.Salt and pepper one side.

STEP 5: Assemble

                     Dad’s Original Savory French Toast

Spread 1/2 tablespoon of Dijon or specialty mustard on hot French toast. Top with thin sliced onion rounds. 


                     Savory Tomato & Parsley French Toast

Place 3 or 4 tomato slices on top of  hot French toast and sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley.  


                              Savory Cheese &  Radish French Toast

Cut cheese triangle into 4 or 5 thin slices. Place them on French toast. Gently spread, but not completely. Top with sliced radishes.





Savory French Toast

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9 Responses to “Savory French Toast”

  1. Melynda says:

    What a great idea! I don't always want a sweet dinner, but I also love breakfast for dinner.

  2. Trisha says:

    Lovely idea and its a nice change from the sweet version of the french toast… thanks for sharing!

  3. Melynda says:

    Sharing this wonderful recipe on my Wednesday post, thanks!

  4. Laura says:

    OK what a concept and why has this been missing in my life? I'm really how delightful is the onion and mustard combo?Thanks for linking up to Just Another Meatless Monday!

  5. Caren says:

    Visiting from SITS 31dbbb! I had never thought of savory Frech Toast. I'll have to try it, although the kids might pass. I do like savory chicken curry crepes. You ought to head over to my recipe swap!

  6. Cheryl Wilms says:

    What a cool idea. Looks super duper yummy. Love it! ~Cheryl from The WAHM Solution

  7. I love savory and I am wondering why I didn't think of this great dish. I am totally impressed and can't wait to make it.We are featuring you and this recipe, this week at My Meatless Mondays. I am happy you linked this up.

  8. Tara says:

    What a yummy idea for dinner!!

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