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Roasted Pork with Cranberry Orange & Apple Chutney

Roasted Pork with Cranberry Orange & Apple Chutney My hubs is always on the road trying to take care of his family the best he can. One of the drawbacks of not being home is missing many special occasions like birthdays…..even his own. Since he missed his March 11th birthday we decided to make him […]


Apple Walnut Cookies

Apple Walnut Cookies The other day I stopped at our local packing house to buy some apples for my kids. Their prices are so good that I always buy more then we can eat….Don’t worry no food is wasted in my house. I love baking with apples and pears so whatever we don’t eat goes […]


Breaded Cauliflower (Vyprážaný Karfiol)

  The other day I decided to venture out into my childhood and re-create one of my favorite recipes….. Growing up in Slovakia one of my favorite meatless dishes was Breaded Cauliflower ( Vyprážaný Karfiol ) with fresh homemade tartar sauce and creamy mashed potatoes. Even though I don’t make fried cauliflower often anymore it […]


Orange Cheesecake

Orange Cheesecake     I have a secret….do you wanna know what is it?   Well……..the secret is…….I DO NOT like cheesecakes…..there it is…’s all out in the open.   So after that little revelation you are probably wondering why…..why…..why am I sharing an ORANGE CHEESECAKE recipe?   The reason for this is my best […]


Tomato & Mozzarella Salad with a Twist

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad     I am so looking forward this weekend….you can’t imagine how much I need t sleep in and get few hours of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…..   At the beginning of this week I agreed to bake pastries and cakes for our local coffee house.   As flattering as it is […]


Fried Apple Rounds – Jablká v župane

Fried Apple Rounds – Jablká v župane     The other day I went over to our local packing house to get some fresh apples.   I was filling up my bag with some Ambrosia apples (my favorite) when I notice a bin full of these giant mutant apples. I mean it. One of those […]


Cabbage Soup with Potato & Bacon

    The groundhog might have predicted early spring, but he sure was wrong this time.   Who listens to a silly groundhog anyway? I do….that’s who.   I got my hopes up just to wake up to a Winter Wonderland in March….seriously groundhog….Where are you getting your information?   Anyhow …. since spring is […]


Penne Alfredo With Sweet Peas

Being married to Italian I know that I am suppose to serve ALFREDO SAUCE with Fettucine, but  I am not a big fan of long pasta. Also I’ve been known to rebel when it comes to cooking and following recipes. I love my cream or cheese sauces served over Penne or Rottini. When I am […]

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