Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

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Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake


Few weeks ago I made 3D Sonic The Hedgehog BIRTHDAY Cake for my little nephew….

I was little worried when he asked for Sonic and I wasn’t sure if I can pull it off……..,but where is a will the is a way.

Once I came up with a plan the execution of it was pretty simple so I decided to share it with you….

Being middle of August and the temperature in my kitchen even with A/C on was pretty high I decided to go with a simple 13″ x 9″ triple layer sheet cake covered with fondant and 3D image of Sonic The Hedgehog on top.



How to ….Step by Step to Make Sonic The Hedgehog Cake:


STEP 1: Bake your favorite sheet cake and make your favorite filling.

STEP 2: Make sure that the complete filled cake is about 4″ tall. Freeze the cake overnight.

STEP 3: Bake another smaller cake for the 3D image. This cake should be about 2″ tall and doesn’t need to have filling.Freeze it as well.

STEP 4: Find an image you like. Make sure the image is easy to be cut out out of the cake and covered in fondant. I used this Sonic The Hedgehog.

STEP 5: Make a template out of your Sonic image and cut it out of the smaller cake.

STEP 6: Cover your cake and your 3D Sonic image in fondant.



STEP 7: Using black food coloring gel draw details and outlines of Sonic The Hedgehog either by free hand or use my little trick….place the cut out template on top of the fondant covered 3D image and with needle make outline by making tiny holes like connect-a-dot. Then just simply…..connect-the-dots.



STEP 8: Using food coloring gel color the Sonic the way you like.



STEP 9: Spread little bit of frosting in the middle of your cake and place 3D Sonic on top of it.



STEP 10: Decorate any way you like…..put little personal touches on the cake anyway you wish.


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Easy, right? I told you so……..

I am very proud of this cake and I am sharing this awesome Sonic The Hedgehog Cake with:




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  1. Qiana says:

    Only looks easy because you did a wonderful job :)Thanks for sharing!

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