Fish Tank Birthday Cake

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Fish Tank Birthday Cake



I made this adorable FISH TANK cake for my nephew Carter’s 7th birthday back in November…..

….and finally I it’s time to share it with my readers…..not that I want to be fashionable late…..I just procrastinate when it comes to posting my recipes….

Every time I bake or cook something I take tons of pictures and put it on my “Future Post” list….trust me, you don’t want to know how long that list is….

….the worst part….I have some great recipes on that list and it’s been so long that I forgot what went in them….

I decided to skip few and share with you this Fish Tank Birthday Cake before I forget how I did it…..





Little confession before I begin….I prefer to bake my own cakes, but this was a last minute kind of deal so I just used box cake mixes….

I didn’t know what kind of cake I will make, but I knew what filling it will have….Chocolate Cream Filling  (I used this recipe , but instead of walnuts I used 2 Tbsp of cocoa powder).


  • Box of Chocolate Cake
  • Box of Vanilla Cake
  • Chocolate Cream Filling
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Blue Food Coloring
  • 3 Pieces Long Black Licorice
  • Honey Graham Goldfish Crackers
  • Box of Rainbow Colored Rants
  • 4-5 Pieces Chocolate Sea Creatures
  • 2-3 Strings Green Gummy Wires or Green Fruit By The Foot
  • Assorted Food Coloring

STEP 1: Day before assembling Fish Tank cake bake one chocolate cake and one vanilla cake in 13″x 9″ cake pans following the instructions on the box.

STEP 2: Allow the cakes completely cool down and lengthwise cut each cake into 3 same size strips.

STEP 3: Build the cake by attaching cake strips on top of each other with chocolate cream filling. Alternate chocolate with vanilla. Once the cake is build wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. Lay it down and freeze it overnight.





STEP 4: When you are ready to start decorating the cake (next day) make BUTTERCREAM ICING (I always use my tested and true icing recipe from Wilton). Put few drops of blue food coloring into the icing.

STEP 5: Spread the blue icing all over the cake. You don’t want it to be smooth and perfect. You want to have he effect of water and waves.

STEP 6: Place black licorice pieces on top to creative fish tank top rim.

STEP 7: Decorate the bottom of the fish tank with rainbow colored rants. Pour them all in a line on your working board and keep pushing them up so they get attached the icing. Create uneven bottom of the fish tank.





STEP 8: Paint Graham Goldfish Crackers with different colors using food coloring.Split chocolate sea creatures into halves (they are usually attached with nougat filling)

STEP 9: Decorate your fish tank with chocolate sea creatures, goldfish, greenery…..let your imagination go wild…..



Fish Tank Birthday Cake





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Fish Tank Birthday Cake

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