Sweet Chili & Cheese Deviled Eggs

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Sweet Chili  Deviled Eggs



Sweet Chili & Cheese Deviled Eggs


I am little bit peeved off today….

…before I get into the whole “peeved off” story I just wanna make sure that it’s clear that I have nothing , but the biggest RESPECT for most teachers not the bad apples with bad attitudes.

….to me there are two kinds of teachers….the ones that teach from experience and  embrace each child according to their personalities and skills…..allow children to be free thinkers….to be themselves….and most of all teachers that are not afraid to admit…..they were wrong or the students know more about certain subject or issues….the teachers that embrace learning from their students….as well as teaching them.

Then you have teachers that have no experience in the real world and are teaching by the book from what they learned no matter how long ago….teachers that don’t work with children based on their strengths & weaknesses, but group all children into one tiny box….

Being a mom of two independent…..high spirited….inventive boys with wild imagination you probably know which teachers are get along with….





That brings me to something that happened few days ago….Hormone Boy is taking Business class…..

Final project for the semester was divided to two parts….MARKETING & SHIPPING….

He was given an egg….raw EGG….

His project was to build an attractive box or container (marketing) to sell the egg…..and to design a way to ship the box with the egg across the country without damage….

Hormone Boy build very cool box using graphics from Dr. Who for the EGG.

…..for shipping he decided to put the box inside 3M Inflata-Pak (Air Cushion Packaging)…..I thought….GENIUS….

Well, his business teacher didn’t see it that way….Hormone Boy got 100% on his marketing, but only 70% on shipping despite his egg and container surviving the drop….

According to her….it was like cheating…..excuse me?… cheating?

Hormone Boy asked her….how was it like cheating?….there was no list of materials or things they were not allowed to use except parachute which didn’t even make sense to me….. why would you ship box with parachute?…they don’t drop mail from the plane into your mailbox!

The response he got:… was just like cheating….then the conversation ended and subject was changed….let just say this mom is not IMPRESSED….and you can’t teach certain aspects of business by the book….

….no matter what the teacher says….no matter what mark he got….I still think is was GENIUS idea and my baby was robbed…..

…..and for that he deserves some yummy SWEET CHILI & CHEESE DEVILED EGGS….none eggs for his business teacher!






  • 12 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 5 Wedges Laughing Cow Light Cheese
  • 3 Tbsp Light Mayo
  • 1 Tbsp Mustard ( I prefer Dijon)
  • 2 Tbsp Sweet Red Chili Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper

STEP 1: Cut cool hard boiled eggs in half  and remove yolks.

STEP 2: Place yolks, cheese, mayo, mustard, Chili sauce into a bowl and beat on low until smooth and light.

STEP 3: Add salt and pepper to taste.

STEP 4: Fill piping bag with deviled eggs mixture and pipe into egg halves.Decorate as you wish.





So what do think? I am overreacting a bit? Was the teacher right?….come on you can be honest with me…

Being the mama bear and knowing what Hormone Boy been through this year I might be little bit overprotective….

24 Servings -  Amount per Deviled Egg

Calories 50.4, Total Fat 3.6g,  Saturated Fat 1.1g,  Polyunsaturated Fat 0.4g,  Monounsaturated Fat 1g,  Cholesterol  94.1mg,  Sodium 120.9mg,  Potassium 32.5mg,  Total Carbohydrate 1g,  Dietary Fiber 0g,  Sugars 0.5g,  Protein 3.6g


Sweet Chili & Cheese Deviled Eggs

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