Cherry Bellini

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Cherry Bellini

The other day I was chatting on Facebook with Amanda from High Heels To Hot Wheels about my overload of fresh cherries…..and running out of ideas what to do with them…(perhaps you noticed the cherry theme on my blog lately)

Well, Amanda suggested drink…..not just any drink…..”mommy drink”.

Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a weakness for good….original PEACH BELLINI….

…..I decided…..CHERRY BELLINI…..I know I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel here, but come on…..

…..did you EVER had Cherry Bellini? I didn’t…..

So I put the plan into motion…..I wanted to make sure my Cherry Bellini is tried….tested & true before THIRSTY THURSDAY @ Food Thoughts Of A Chef Wannabe

….I pitted & froze bowl of cherries…..I chilled bottle of Organic Prosecco……

… dinner time I was ready for my cocktail… delicious I was hoping….CHERRY BELLINI

~ Cherry Bellini ~

  • 100ml Chilled Prosecco
  • 50ml Cherry Purée

Pour cherry purée into chilled champagne flute, add Prosecco and gently stir.

Cherry Bellini

You can make Bellini with any good sparkling wine, but never use French Champagne as champagne has a rich flavor which doesn’t compliment the light & refreshing flavor of Bellini.

If you would like to make bigger serving….MEGA BELLINI…..always use 1 part of  fruit purée to 2 parts of sparkling wine.

If you are making VIRGIN BELLINI substitute sparkling wine for sparkling juice or seltzer.

……remember…..always serve Bellini straight up…..No Ice……

Cherry Bellini


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I still have baskets and baskets of cherries… keep those suggestions coming…..


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  1. [...] Bibi from Bibi’s Culinary Journey was my first official “frog”.  She had post after post about the fresh cherries in her cherry orchard in Canada and I just couldn’t help myself and reached out about a cherry cocktail happy hour collaboration!  It just so happens that my Mommy’s Cherry Limeade has been one of my top posts, so it was only appropriate for Bibi to bring her cherry bellini. [...]

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