Kahunas Fish & Chips (Restaurant Review)

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It’s been awhile since I did a restaurant review….never mind the fact that I have about dozen standing by….

Yes, you can call me procrastinator…, but only when it comes to reviews…..well, maybe also when it comes to finishing my book on Dining Etiquette….

Anyway, I took the family (Hormone Boy, Twitch & HB’s girlfriend) down to White Rock to spend some long overdue quality time with my friend & her family….

As luck would have it we picked the perfect weekend…..The Spirit Of The Sea Festival…..

Well, maybe luck is a strong word considering the amount of people everywhere…., but there was lot of neat & interesting things to see and do for the kids….

For me… of the things I have to have when I visit White Rock is FISH & CHIPS on the beach…..
…you just can’t beat that…

There are many places along the beach that offer Fish & Chips….some better then others, but if you really want the whole package you must stop at KAHUNAS Fish & Chips on 15519 Marine Drive…..

Patiently Waiting For Meal While Watching Mr. Bean….Brilliant

Kahunas is a small family restaurant with only few seats inside & out, but what they luck on size & flashy interior they more then make up for with…..hospitality…..service….and of course FOOD….

My sister and I brought our 5 children to Kahunas for late lunch….the place was still hopping, but we were able to get couple tables within few minutes…

My experience is that many small family restaurants have longer wait for food, but in most cases it’s worth it!

Kahunas is one of those places…., but the owner made sure our children are well taken care of…..

They were offered coloring books immediately & for their viewing pleasure non-stop episodes of Mr. Bean kept them quiet & happy (nice touch, by the way).

My sister ordered 1 piece Halibut & Fries….she received 2 pieces….it was delicious, fresh, flaky…..

My older son & I ordered 2 piece Cod & Fries we each received 3 pieces with 2 containers of tasty Tartar sauce each (many places don’t give enough & then they charge extra).

My meal was the best Cod & Fries I had in a long time ( I don’t even like fries).

My Nephew Enjoying His Fries…

My younger boy order Pulled Pork Poutine. It was to die for. We all wanted him to share, but we all got just a little teaser-taste.

My son’s girlfriend ordered Prawns & Fries, but was disappointed because she was expecting grilled or sauteed prawns as the menu didn’t specify the prawns were breaded as well….next time we’ll know.

Usually when I order 2 piece Fish & Chips at other places I will clean my plate….at Kahunas I was taking half of my fish home with me.

I highly recommend Kahunas Fish & Chips to anybody who’s looking for great meal & great price!

The only negative I about our dining experience at Kahunas is……there is no Cole-Slaw included with Fish & Chips. You can order it as side order, but for me it’s not complete Fish & Chips experience without Cole-Slaw…..

…., but that’s just me!  My kids (as many others) do not like Cole-Slaw and were happy that I didn’t make them eat it.

Everybody Is Full…Time To Move On…

So next time you find yourself  wondering through White Rock….looking for a place to eat stop at Kahunas…it will be worth the wait.

Kahunas Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon

Don’t forget….Keep Smiling….Keep Cooking!


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