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Good morning, all! Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Talk …..

…. Tuesday Talk is usually a video post, but due to nasty flu bug making it’s way through I rather spare you watching me for even 5 minutes….. and you’re welcome.

Christmas is just around the corner and lately I have been getting lot of question how to bake perfect cookies …… what are some cookie baking tips I have …..

….. I sat down in my office and I wrote 10 COOKIE BAKING TIPS that will help you bake the most perfect Christmas cookies this year.


10 Tips For Baking Perfect Cookies




#1  All baking ingredients should be at room temperature (60-90 minutes minimum). The only exception is butter. Always start with cold butter unless recipe calls for softened or melted butter. Cold butter gives cookies better texture and shape.

#2  When recipe asks for eggs it usually means Grade A large eggs.

#3  Always whisk dry ingredients together before adding them to wet ingredients unless recipe calls for sifting.

#4  Chill cookie dough (best overnight) before baking or rolling it out. Cookie dough will have more body and cookies will rise more.

#5  Keep cookies uniformed by using cookie dough scooper or scale this will help cookies to have the same texture. Keep cookies 2″-3″ apart (depends on the size).

#6  Always keep baking rack in the middle and rotate cookie sheet halfway through baking to ensure even heating.

#7  For best cookies use only best quality ingredients. It makes all the difference.

#8  Always cool  baking sheets between baking batches of cookies. If the cookie sheet is warm cookies start baking (melting) before they hit the oven resulting in uneven cookies.

#9  Remove baked cookies from cookie sheet to cooling rack within 1 minute after removing them from the oven to prevent further baking.

#10  Don’t put baked cookies  into container unless they are completely cooled. Condensation from warm cookies will make cookies soggy.


Hope this answers some of your questions ….. happy baking. I have a feeling you will have the best tasting and prettiest cookies at the Christmas Cookie Exchange this year.

….. and keep those questions coming ….. I love making lists.


Don’t forget …. Keep Smiling …. Keep Cooking!




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3 Responses to “Tuesday Talk – 10 Tips For Baking Perfect Cookies”

  1. Jamie says:

    These are great tips Bibi!! Definitely sharing =)
    Jamie recently posted..My Holiday Outfit on behalf of #searsstyle #holidayguides #cbiasMy Profile

  2. GiGI says:

    Important tips you forgot to list:
    1.) FOLLOW the directions. Be accurate.
    2.) If the recipe calls for butter- always use unsalted butter.
    3.) Parchment paper is your best friend. Always use it. Don’t bother with “greasing” the cookie sheet, use parchment paper instead.

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