How To Make Death Star – Star Wars Cake


Death Star - Star Wars Cake

Death Star – Star Wars Cake


Every family has at least one STAR WARS fan …… and eventually that fan will hint ask for STAR WARS birthday cake ……

When that day comes (and it will) don’t stress …… making Star Wars Death Star cake is easier then it looks.

My time to make DEATH STAR cake came this October and it was a request for my friend’s 40th birthday party ….. so as you can see age doesn’t mean anything when it comes to theme birthday cakes …. especially when one is a huge Star Wars fan.

I was planning this Death Star cake for weeks …… drawing ….. stressing ….. planning ….. postponing ….. till the last minute.

The time came and I had to roll up my sleeves and get to making STAR WARS cake …..

…. once I started it just all came together …..

Star Wars Cake (4)


So here is step by step tutorial on How To Make Death Star Cake:

STEP 1:  Using 4 boxes of Vanilla cake bake 4 – 9″x13″ sheet cakes following the directions. Once the cakes are done cool them completely then slice each sheet cake into two layers.

STEP 2: Grease and line base and sides of 2 – 9″ metal kitchen bowls with baking paper, bringing paper 5cm above side of pan. Fill each bowl with 1 box of  prepared chocolate cake batter and bake according to directions. Completely cool chocolate cakes and slice each into 3 layers.

STEP 3: Prepare your favorite cake filling. I used white chocolate buttercream with raspberry jam for sheet cakes and chocolate buttercream for Death Star.

STEP 4:  Fill the sheet cakes with filling and assemble them together. 2 sheet cakes (4 layers) high and 2 sheet cakes wide. After assembling ice the cake on the outside making it one 18″x26″  – 4 layer sheet cake. Place it into freezer for couple hours and then ice the outside again making it smooth and crumb free. Place it into fridge till you are ready for fondant.

STEP 5: Repeat step 4 with chocolate cake turning it into 3D round cake.


You will need 6 cups of icing for sheet cake and 4 cups of icing for round cake.


Star Wars Cake (6)





  • 3lbs Black Fondant
  • 2lbs White Fondant
  • 1 Duff Metallic Silver Cake Graffiti Spray
  • Yellow Food Color Gel
  • Multi-Color Candy Pearls

STEP 1: Roll out the black fondant and cover the sheet cake – the platform completely. Set Aside.

STEP 2: Roll out 3/4 of the white fondant and completely cover Death Star cake. Set aside.

STEP 3: Roll out the rest of the white fondant and cut out all the shapes that you will need. Glue them onto the cake using little water and pastry brush.

STEP 4: Place 10″ cake separator plate on top of the platform cake. Spread 4″ circle of icing in the middle of separator plate and place Death Star cake on top of the separator cake.

STEP 5: Spray Death Star cake with metallic silver cake graffiti spray. Use multi-colored candy pearls as lights.

STEP 6: Roll out leftover white fondant and cut out STAR WARS letter. Attach them to the platform cake with little water and color with yellow food color gel.

STEP 7: Decorate as you wish.


Star Wars Cake (2)


Death Star - Star Wars Cake

Death Star – Star Wars Cake


Don’t forget …. Keep Smiling …. Keep Cooking!








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  1. Raquel says:

    Wow! This cake looks amazing Bibi! I love it and have never seen anything like it. I am sure it was the hit of the party!
    Raquel recently posted..Simple QuicheMy Profile

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