Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf


Wonderful morning, to you all!


I don’t know about you, but with weather getting warmer I feel like making lighter meals …. eating more meatless dishes … using lot of veggies & grains …..

…. which is probably a great idea since there is also lot of Easter treats & goodies around.


Yesterday we had another busy & also eventful day … by the time dinner came around nobody was really very hungry so we just made simple …. quick …. delicious …. healthy ….. ALMOND VEGGIE RICE PILAF.


Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf


You can serve ALMOND VEGGIE RICE PILAF as a side dish or as a meatless main dish. I served it last nigh as a meatless main dish.


It was just perfect! Especially after the day we had …..


…. it all started this morning with fridge ice maker breaking down ….. fridge leaking water from underneath my kitchen tiles …..


Hubby is not home for another week so he gave Hormone Boy instruction how to turn off the water going into the fridge.


…. it involved HB going down to the crawl space …. crawling about 6 feet …. locating the right hose & knob ….


Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf


Well, my dear son outfitted in overalls, boots & head lamp ventured down to the dark dungeon in a search of water turn off …..

…. while Little Peanut was supervising the mission from top of the crawl space hole with hubby on the phone …..


… HB has been down there for few minutes when I hear ….. Oh, SH**T! ….. THERE IS A SNAKE IN MY WAY ….. he looks so pissed & he’s trying to hiss at me ….


…. from top of the hole I hear LP yelling ….. describe it to me …. I will Google it …. I will find out what it is & if you are in danger!


Bless his little heart ….. I don’t think his brother wanted to hang down there for that long ….


After closer examination HB determined that he is dealing with Bullsnake so he was not in any big danger ….. he finished his mission as quick as he could …. he got out of there proclaiming that he is never ever going down there …..


Once back in the house …. the boys named the snake Gerald & we decided to keep him down there to take care of all the mice.


…. and that was our morning …. how was yours?


Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf


This recipe serves 4 as a main dish.




STEP 1:  In a large skillet heat coconut oil over medium heat. Add peppers, broccoli and garlic. Cook stirring for 5 minutes.

STEP 2: Add rice and cook while stirring until slightly translucent. Add broth, almond, salt & pepper. Stir.

STEP 3: Cover the skillet. Turn the heat to medium low and cook for 20-25 or until all the broth is gone.

STEP 4: Uncover the skillet. Turn up the heat to medium high. Cook while stirring for another 5 minutes. Serve.


Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf


Don’t forget….Keep Smiling….Keep Cooking!







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3 Responses to “Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf”

  1. Wow what a beautiful rice pilaf! Lots of great flavors, can’t wait to try.

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow
    Happy Valley Chow recently posted..Steak n’ Egg SandwichMy Profile

  2. Alexis Grace says:

    I like this! It looks nice and healthy- the perfect side! Definitely one I would try!!!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Singapore First Looks: Palawan BeachMy Profile

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