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Let me introduce myself……

My name is Bibiana or Bibi and I am the woman behind Bibi’s Culinary Journey formerly known as Frugal Wannabe Cooks.

My love affair with everything food started the day I was born….over 40 years ago.


This is me....foodie at the age of 1

This is me….foodie at the age of 1

I grew up in a hotel business in Eastern Europe (Slovakia) and as a daughter of a hotel General Manager I had the opportunity and privilege to spent lots of time around world class chefs… learn…..observe…..enjoy the food!

By the time I was a teenager I was a major foodie….I knew how to cook and bake, but I much rather traveled around
At the age of 14 I was accepted to Hotel Academy to study Hotel & Restaurant Management and to follow in my parents footsteps.

Next four years beside learning the business part I was also learning everything there is about hospitality industry…..including cooking…..baking….proper table etiquette…..serving….meal calculations….

… to flambe….de-bone chicken or trout in front of the guest…..mix cocktails….


Some of my classmates, professors and myself representing our school at International Gastroprag Culinary Expo

Some of my classmates, professors and myself representing our school at International Gastroprag Culinary Expo

You name it…..I studied it.

My 4 year studies took me to many European countries where I could expand my knowledge of local foods and grow as a foodie or gourmet if you will.

At the age of 19 I left Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia)  as a political refugee along with my parents and my younger sister. We spent two years in a refugee camp in Austria where thanks to my education and language knowledge I found a job in a local hotel.

My love affair with food continued and I learned a lot about Austrian cuisine.

Two years later we came to Canada as landed immigrants….I met my wonderful husband…..opened an Italian restaurant….gave birth to my first child….life was perfect.

Fast forward few years ahead… sold…..second baby born….still living the dream…..husband losing safe job overnight without a warning…..

There you have it…….Most of my life I did not live a frugal life…….I was fortunate (and unfortunate) to be born into a family where frugal and frugality were not common words.

Suddenly I was raising my own family in a shaky economy trying to stretch every dollar and wishing I had the skills and knowledge to be more frugal.

Then I remembered¬† my grandmothers…… both very frugal and strong women. I was lucky to inherit some of their cooking skills and most of their recipes.

….If someone told me few years ago that I’ll be cooking every night and loving it…. I would laugh….

…..while trying to learn how to live a frugal life I discovered my passion for cooking and baking……then decided to share it with the world on my cooking blog Frugal Wannabe Cook….


It' so hard to be a child of blogging foodie....

It’ so hard to be a child of blogging foodie….

….I no longer need to live on a small budget,but… I am still….keeping my family well fed…..while doing what I love…..and still doing it the frugal way!

….however….after major changes in my family & almost losing my youngest child in an accident I decided to shake up my life a little…..

This blog began as a way to share my own recipes and recipes from my childhood… that are simple….tasty and especially recipes that will fit even a tiny budget.

….that still remains…., but I decided to add a little more FOODIE to my “recipes only” blog….I hope you enjoy the new format…..the new ME!

I am still a huge foodie and part of being a foodie who cooks is finding way to re-create great restaurant dishes at home for fraction of the price.


It' so hard to be a child of blogging foodie.... real hard

It’ so hard to be a child of blogging foodie…. real hard

I would like to show people that you can have a champagne taste on hamburger budget…’s all about playing with your food…..finding cheaper substitutions and making them work for you and your family.

I am a believer that no matter how small your food budget is and no mater how frugal you live….There is no need to sacrifice taste and every family can afford to prepare delicious and unique meals.

“Kraft dinner macaroni & cheese broke” no longer applies……go out there….use your imagination….look for deals….play with your food and have fun!


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