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Apple Caramel Pancakes

    It’s here…’s here…… I am so excited…..THE IMPROV COOKING CHALLENGE hosted by Lady Behind The Curtain is finally here. Every month lovely Sheryl from Lady Behind The Curtain comes up with two ingredients we are suppose to use in a recipe. October challenge was APPLES and CARAMEL… perfectly fitting….   I was racking […]


Savory French Toast

Savory French Toast     Once in awhile I absolutely LOVE breakfast for dinner. Luckily my children are a lot like me so serving breakfast for dinner it’s a welcomed change.   The other night I was contemplating on having French Toast for dinner, but I wasn’t really excited about having sugar and syrup.   […]


Southwestern Eggs Benedict

Southwestern Eggs Benedict   As I mentioned in my previous post my husband spend the whole weekend home with us.   Since he’s on the road most of the time he craves my home cooked meals.   I decided to turn into Suzy Homemaker and cook the whole weekend…..the whole meal deal….breakfast…..lunch….dinner and of course […]


Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

  Weekday breakfast in our house is pretty much the same….. Everyone is usually in a rush to get out of the door so the BREAKFAST fare is very quick and simple.   …. bowl of cereal….. milk……yogurt. Sometimes we throw some fresh fruit into the mix just to shake things up.   Weekends are […]


Chunky Monkey Pancakes

    Sunday breakfast is usually my honey’s job when he’s home…..   …..Today I decided to surprise him and my boys with yummy…..calorie loaded…..   … oh so SWEET and delicious Chunky Monkey Pancakes.   I figured we can go for walk later and burn out those calories together as a family.   I […]

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