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Frozen Berry Yogurt Crepes

    Good morning, my dear friends!   I know it has been few weeks since my last post, but as much as I tried my medical issues did not allow me to work.   It all started few months ago when out of nowhere I woke up covered in hives & swollen eyes …. […]


Diner Style Strawberry Shortcake

      Summer is slowly here’s hoping leaving us and we are enjoying last of the sweet and fragrant strawberries.   To celebrate the end of the summer and end of the strawberry season I decided to make DINER STYLE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.   I am a firm believer that you don’t really need a […]


Fried Apple Rounds – Jablká v župane

Fried Apple Rounds – Jablká v župane     The other day I went over to our local packing house to get some fresh apples.   I was filling up my bag with some Ambrosia apples (my favorite) when I notice a bin full of these giant mutant apples. I mean it. One of those […]


Grandma’s Cherry Cake

Grandma’s Cherry Cake …….No, I am not sick and tired of cherries yet…… Cherry pickers have been working on picking CHERRIES for last 4 days and I have a feeling with the weather being so hot lately all the cherries in our backyard will be done within a week. …..Before they are gone completely there […]


Cherry Oatmeal Bars

Cherry Oatmeal Bars It’s CHERRY season in the Okanagan and since our backyard is few acres of cherry trees in many different varieties I have unlimited supply of fresh cherries for about 5 weeks. I love cherries and nothing beat the taste of ice cold and crunchy cherry. Since there is an abundance of cherries […]


Apple Cinnamon Loaf

Last week my husband showed up home with a big bushel of beautiful apples.   We’ve been eating them all week long as fast as we could…..almost getting tired of APPLES…..I looked into the box this morning……still over half a box of them apples left.   I had to do something with the apples before […]

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