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5 Ways To Use Eggs Outside The Kitchen

    Good morning, egg lovers!   Today we won’t be cooking or baking with EGGS.   Today I will teach you 5 ways to use EGGS outside of your kitchens.   Some of the ways you might already know & some will blow your mind …. so get ready & lets CRACKIN’   5 […]


Top 10 Essential Beginner Bakers Tools

    Good morning, dear friends!   It’s Tuesday and I figured it is time for some Kitchen 101 …… or to be exact little … Baking 101.   Thanks to the recent cupcakes …. cake pops ….. baby cakes craze that started with bloggers like Bakerella or Joy the BakerĀ  home baking is on […]


Tuesday Talk – 10 Tips For Baking Perfect Cookies

    Good morning, all! Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Talk ….. …. Tuesday Talk is usually a video post, but due to nasty flu bug making it’s way through I rather spare you watching me for even 5 minutes….. and you’re welcome. Christmas is just around the corner and lately I have been […]


How To Stop Wasting Food or The Fridge Inventory Project

  HELLO FRIDAY! ….and TGIF to all of you in this wonderful……unpredictable…..magical world we know as Cyber Space! It’s been a long and exhausting week at Casa Bailey….. ….sick kids…..appointments…..getting my passport renewed before my trip next weekend….(Bloggy Boot Camp VEGAS 2012 here I come). Twitch is back at school, but Hormone Boy is bedridden […]


Kitchen Tips That Every Foodie Should Know

There are so many tricks and tips we can use to make our meals tastier and food preparation faster and cleaner. I want to share with you 5 tips that help me in my kitchen every day. These are kitchen and food prep tips that every foodie should know. #1 Make Perfect Pancakes Without The […]


10 Useful Cooking Tips

    10 Useful Cooking Tips   To Squeeze Every Bit of Juice From Your Lemon put it in to the microwave for 20 seconds to soften the flesh.     To Have Perfect Sauteed Mushrooms make sure your pan is large enough so the mushroom slices don’t touch. Perfect mushrooms should be crispy on […]

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