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Thin Crust Ricotta Garlic & Caramelized Onions Pizza

    Hello, hello ….. it’s April!   Some of you still have tons of snow & nasty cold weather ( so sorry about that), but in my neck of the woods …. sun is shining …. flowers are blooming …. birds are chirping  …… & mosquitos are biting   …. better mood is everywhere […]


Tomato Mozzarella & Basil Bruschetta

  ~ Good Morning, World! ~   Are you up, yet? I am up with one eye open ….. this 2 week Spring break is really doing a number on my routine.   Don’t get me wrong ….. I LOVE spending time with my kids, but it is so hard to fit my writing in […]


Almond Veggie Rice Pilaf

  Wonderful morning, to you all!   I don’t know about you, but with weather getting warmer I feel like making lighter meals …. eating more meatless dishes … using lot of veggies & grains ….. …. which is probably a great idea since there is also lot of Easter treats & goodies around.   […]


Flatbread Taco Pizza

  Good morning, fellow food lovers!   It’s second day of two week Spring break ….   … yesterday was a lazy day …. I let the boys to lay around in their pj’s …. playing their computers …. … today is a day to get up …. get out & have some Spring fun […]


Healthy & Light Ricotta Egg Salad

            Good morning, all! Can you believe it’s already March? We are only 17 days away from the first day of Spring …. yeeey.   When you think Spring what is one of the first things that pops into your head?   ….. is it EGGS? Did I guess right? […]


Caesar Pasta Salad with Bacon – SRS

    Happy Hump Day, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I shared with you a recipe from Surprise Recipe Swap or SRS for short. This month I was assigned to make a secret recipe from Dessert Now, Dinner Later! blog written by Amber a culinary graduate. It was such a […]


Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

    Good morning, lovers of Monday……seriously, why so many people dislike Monday so much…. ….if I was a Monday I would be seriously walking around with low self-esteem. What did Monday ever do to people? Well, this Monday has something little extra going for it…’s NATIONAL CHICKEN SOUP for the SOUL DAY…… … and […]


Four Cheese Quiche

Four Cheese Quiche     It’s been 5 weeks since the accident and to be honest both of my children are not dealing with it that well…we still have a long road to recovery ahead of us and as a mom it really frustrates and hurts me to see my babies suffering due to some […]


Tarator – Bulgarian Cucumber Soup

Tarator -  Bulgarian Cucumber Soup     Everybody has their favorite food or dish for different time of the year.   I love cold soups….. Yes, there is nothing better then a bowl of cold cucumber soup also known as Tarator on a hot summer day… matter what anybody says….Cold Cucumber Soup is the total […]


Steak and Avocado Wrap

      Got some leftover meat & veggies  from your weekend BBQ?…..What’s easier then roll  them up in soft tortilla shells and call it a wrap…..instant meal….   Who came up with wraps was a genius in my book. They are easy…..delicious and quick……You can wrap just about anything.   My kids love wraps. […]

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