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Gluten Free Lox Appetizer

    God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.  ~ Jewish Proverb ~ Good morning, dear friends! Last day of April is upon us & Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Unfortunately, my handsome hubby won’t be home for Mother’s Day …… however I am planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with […]


Sole Meunière

      Happy Tuesday, dear foodie friends!   I sure hope today will be another gorgeous sunny day like it was yesterday …. still little bit chilly for almost the end of April, but once the sun came out it was rejuvenating…   Being it April …… baseball is in a full swing …. […]


Baked Basa Fillets with Garlic & Almonds

Baked Basa Fillets with Garlic & Almonds     Recently I was talked into buying Basa Fillets….by a complete stranger in a supermarket….   He went on….and….on…..and…..on about them. Apparently Basa fillets make the most delicious Fish & Chips.   What the heck….I grabbed two bags…   I made a beautiful and yummy looking Breaded […]


Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Garlic Prawns

Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Garlic Prawns     Once in awhile I love to make Tapas family dinner.   Usually this happens on Friday(as much as possible) when we combine our dinner with movie or a game night.My kids love Tapas night. They don’t have to set the table and sit down to a regular meal. […]


Mandarin Shrimp With Rice

Mandarin Shrimp With Rice     If you asked me year ago to eat shrimp my answer would be…. NO WAY…..NO HOW…..absolutely NOT. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was missing. I was cooking lots with seafood since my husband and both of my boys are big seafood lovers, but I wouldn’t eat it. During […]

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