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Blue Cheese Wedge Salad

Blue Cheese Wedge Salad SUMMER….HOT….SUNSHINE…..and of course SALADS…. Yes, my friends the fresh fruit and veggies season officially started and I am loving every minute of it. It’s time….finally… to introduce reasonably priced salads, fresh fruit and yummy produce into my daily diet without leaving all of my money at the grocery store. It’s time […]


Potato Pancakes and Sauerkraut (Zemiakové Placky)

Potato Pancakes and Sauerkraut (Zemiakové Placky)     Potato Pancakes is another dish that takes me to my childhood.   Growing up in Eastern Europe one got to eat a lot of potatoes…..I mean whole lotta potatoes….Almost every dish had potatoes in it.   Very popular potato dish were Potato Pancakes in Slovakia called  Zemiakové […]


Braised Red Cabbage (Dusená červená kapusta)

Braised Red Cabbage (Dusená červená kapusta)     Do you like or love cabbage? My husband and I LOVE cabbage….my kids won’t eat fresh cabbage and TOLERATE certain cabbage dishes. Luckily……..I am the one who cooks so I am the one who decides What’s For Dinner most of the time. Braised Red CABBAGE  in Slovakia […]


Asparagus Risotto

    I love food….I love cooking….I love eating….but I guess you already know that since I do write a FOOD blog.   Food and cooking always played a big role in my life I exercise so I can eat .   I grew up around cooking and I started dabbling in the art of […]


Chicken and Peas Risotto

    Risotto is on top of the list when it comes to my favorite comfort dishes…..I have been enjoying eating and experimenting with different flavors and variations of RISOTTO from the first day I tried this heavenly concoction.     It is hearty…..tasty and easy to make. You can add just about anything to […]

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