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Chicken Cacciatore & Family Sunday Dinner

  “Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie — not perfect but who’s complaining?” ~ Robert Brault ~ Good morning, dear friends! Lately I have been feeling bit melancholy …. especially when it comes to Sundays …. I grew up in Eastern Europe with very close knit family …. every Sunday we […]


Abruzzo Style Potato Gnocchi

    Top of the morning to you, dear food lovers!   Second post this week …. isn’t it exciting? I told you I will try harder this year.   Going back to the last year … or better yet, last night of 2013 …. I wanted to end the year with my favorite dish […]


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Italian Meatballs

    Wonderful Monday morning!   I woke up to a sunshine & my spirits are up …… I have a feeling today will be a wonderful day ….. especially since today is the first day of the Spring Break for my kiddos.   Last week I spent 3 days in Vancouver on a career […]


Four Cheese Fettuccine with Pancetta

  Good morning, my friends!   Another week is upon us …. another opportunity …. fresh start …. new adventure … new beginning ….   … I love to start my week on positive note …. so much better then having “the Monday Grumpies” …. don’t you think?   I had a wonderful weekend with […]


Penne Alfredo With Sweet Peas

Being married to Italian I know that I am suppose to serve ALFREDO SAUCE with Fettucine, but  I am not a big fan of long pasta. Also I’ve been known to rebel when it comes to cooking and following recipes. I love my cream or cheese sauces served over Penne or Rottini. When I am […]

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