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Pasta e Lenticchie (Pasta & Lentils Soup)

    Happy Wednesday, my sweet friends!   I am not even going to try to make excuses or apologies about my absence. Somehow I keep trying , but my days seem to be so short lately ….   …. on the other hand I am very busy with my new venture Bibi’s Culinary Delights […]


Ricotta Garlic Roasted Potatoes

  Few times a week I try to make meatless dishes for our family dinner……even when we are camping.   Both of my boys are meat lovers, but slowly they got used to mom’s meatless nights and actually look forward to it.   Having a meatless dinner few times a week is not only good […]


Asparagus Risotto

    I love food….I love cooking….I love eating….but I guess you already know that since I do write a FOOD blog.   Food and cooking always played a big role in my life I exercise so I can eat .   I grew up around cooking and I started dabbling in the art of […]


Cauliflower Cakes with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Cauliflower Cakes     It must be the cold outside , but lately I’ve been craving comfort food almost everyday. Not just any comfort food. Meatless comfort food with lots of vegetables and cheese. My kids on the other hand are craving meat, meat and more meat. To satisfy their cravings and keeping few nights […]

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