Abruzzo Style Potato Gnocchi Pasta e Lenticchie (Pasta & Lentils Soup) Green Energizer Smoothie Banana Nutella Bonbons

Abruzzo Style Potato Gnocchi

    Top of the morning to you, dear food lovers!   Second post this week …. isn’t it exciting? I told you I will try harder this year.   Going back to the last year … or better yet, last night of 2013 …. I wanted to end the year with my favorite dish […]

Pasta e Lenticchie (Pasta & Lentils Soup)

    Happy Wednesday, my sweet friends!   I am not even going to try to make excuses or apologies about my absence. Somehow I keep trying , but my days seem to be so short lately ….   …. on the other hand I am very busy with my new venture Bibi’s Culinary Delights […]

Green Energizer Smoothie

    Good morning, my friends!   It’s Friday & I hope everyone survived the week in happiness & health.   To tell the truth this week was very trying …. busy yet productive for me.   One of the reasons I managed to follow my tight schedule was my daily mid-morning snack …. GREEN […]

Banana Nutella Bonbons

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!   It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in the sunny Okanagan & I am so blessed to be living here …… & so grateful for all of you …. my readers …. friends … food buddies.   Last night I was teasing my facebook followers with my new invention …. […]

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